Servicing your Oil Boiler

Servicing your Oil Boiler

During the summer months it’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining our oil boilers. While these essential home heating systems may not be in constant use during the summer, neglecting their maintenance can lead to potential issues when the colder seasons return. In this article, we will discuss the significance of professional servicing for oil boilers and why the summer months are the ideal time to get them inspected, tuned, and ready for the upcoming winter.


Why Service an Oil Boiler?

An oil boiler, like any other mechanical system, requires regular maintenance to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Regular servicing not only helps prevent unexpected breakdowns but also improves energy efficiency, reduces fuel consumption, and ensures a safe and reliable heating system for your home.


Professional Expertise

Oil boilers are complex systems that require specialised knowledge and expertise to be properly serviced. Only a qualified service engineer has the necessary skills, experience, and equipment to thoroughly inspect and maintain your boiler, ensuring its safe and efficient operation.


Benefits of Summer Servicing

The summer months present an opportune time to schedule your oil boiler service for several reasons:


  • Availability of Heating Professionals

During the summer, when oil boilers are not in high demand, heating professionals tend to have more flexible schedules compared to the busy Winter season. By booking a service during this period, you are more likely to secure an appointment at your preferred time and date.


  • Reduced Usage

As the temperature rises, your reliance on heating decreases. This makes the summer months ideal for servicing, as any potential downtime during maintenance will have minimal impact on your comfort. You can rest easy knowing your oil boiler is being serviced while you have alternative means to stay cool.


  • Preventative Maintenance:

Regular servicing during the summer allows professionals to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems.  Having a regularly serviced boiler (once a year at least) has many benefits and maybe the most important is that it can help prevent breakdown and during the cold months of the year, this could be the difference of living in an igloo or not.


  • Improved Efficiency:

A well-maintained oil boiler operates more efficiently, which translates to lower energy consumption and reduced fuel costs. Summer servicing helps optimise your boiler’s performance, ensuring it operates at its peak efficiency when winter arrives.


Benefits of Upgrading your Boiler during the Summer months

Installation of a new boiler in summer offers a number of financial benefits compared to winter. Through the colder months in particular, demand for heating engineers surge. As the need for boiler installation and maintenance rises, so does the cost. This is certainly the case if you need urgent assistance in an unexpected breakdown. Upgrading your boiler to a Firebird Envirogreen condensing boiler can save you up to £900 per year on home heating bills.  With an efficiency of 97.5%, Firebird Envirogreen condensing boilers use less fuel than a standard efficiency boiler, therefore reducing energy costs.