The Envirogreen™ & Envirolite™ Oil Boilers

At Firebird, located in Plymouth in the UK, we are experts in innovation. We  having developed the most efficient and most reliable home heating condensing oil boiler in Europe, which is also HVO ready. Although it meets all environmental standards, the technology is expensive, leading to a high-priced boiler.

We wanted to design a condensing boiler that exceeded the NOx reduction requirements, offered the same outstanding level of performance, but was an affordable option for customers. After extensive research and development  in conjunction with European burner experts elco, the Envirogreen™ and Envirolite™ HVO ready, condensing boiler range was born.

Most Efficient Oil Boilers

Featuring cutting-edge burner technology this new range of Irish manufactured, HVO ready condensing oil fired boilers tick every box.

Oil Boilers - Why Choose a Firebird?


Allen Key




Key components easily identified by dedicated connectors.

Main component parts undone with a single Allen key.
Up to 100m suction capacity.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Burner Settings


Satisfied Customers


Exceeds current requirements of the second phase of the Ecodesign Directive.
Significantly reduces NOx emissions.


Increased operating efficiency saves fuel and reduces bills.
No error prone complex parts.

Oil Boilers

Envirogreen Heatpac

Envirogreen™ Heatpac

Envirogreen Heatpac

Envirolite™ Heatpac

Envirogreen™ Popular

Silver Boilerhouse

Envirolite™ Boilerhouse

Envirogreen Kitchen

Envirogreen™ Kitchen

Silver Utility

Envirolite™ Utility

Envirogreen Slimline Combi

Envirogreen™ Slimline Combi

Envirogreen™ Slimline Heatpac

Envirogreen Combi HE

Envirogreen™ Combi HE

Envirogreen System

Envirogreen™ System

Envirogreen Combipac HE

Envirogreen™ Combipac HE

Envirogreen Slimline Combipac Main Image

Envirogreen™ Slimline Combipac

Envirogreen Systempac

Envirogreen™ Systempac

Envirogreen™ Slimline Systempac