Makes financial Sense

Firebird Envirogreen Condensing Boilers are 25%–30% more efficient than a Standard Efficiency Boiler.

Here’s Why

With an efficiency of 97.5%, Firebird Envirogreen condensing boilers use less fuel than a standard efficiency boiler, therefore reducing energy costs.
per year on your heating bill
Firebird Boiler Switch Campaign UK

Cost savings
with Firebird

This table shows the savings you can make when you upgrade from a standard efficiency boiler to a Firebird condensing boiler, based on a 4 bedroom home.
Firebird Boiler Switch Campaign UK
Statements made by Firebird based on Sutherland Tables figures are the responsibility of Firebird, and do not reflect the views of Sutherland Tables.

Go Green Without
Costing the Earth

  • When you upgrade your standard efficiency boiler to a high efficiency Firebird condensing boiler you are taking positive action to tackle climate change.
  • Firebird boilers are HVO Ready.
    Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil is a fossil free fuel, and when used in domestic settings can make these homes almost carbon neutral immediately. This could be used as a substitute for Kerosene.
  • Firebird boilers are the kindest to the environment with ultra low NOx emissions as low as 60mg/kWhr, half the EU limits.

When money’s
a stretch

Save it by switching from a
standard efficiency boiler to a Firebird
world-leading condensing boiler.