Firebird elco Retrofit Burner

Fast & Easy to Install.
Dedicated Servicing Position.
Combustion Head.

Riello/Ecoflam to elco Conversion Table

Envirogreen™ ModelProduct CodeWeight kgErP RatingDimensions (mm)
HeatingHot WaterHWD
Envirogreen™ Slimline Combi 12-20kWECE020SLM165AB855520600
Envirogreen™ Slimline Combi 20-26kWECE026SLM168AB855520600
Envirogreen™ Slimline Combi 26-35kWECE035SLM172AB855520600
  • Conversion chart only applies to burners fitted on Firebird boilers.
  • FB 4 burners are set up for Diesel fuel.
  • FB 2 burners are factory set for Kerosene and can easily be converted to Diesel (44-100kW only).
  • FB 3 burners are set up for Kerosene and can be easily converted to Diesel.

This table has been prepared to provide technical guidance for the benefit and safety of the owners of Firebird boilers choosing to fit an Elco burner in place of a Reillo or Ecoflam burner.

Please note that Elco burners sold for replacement will have a 7 pin plug supplied on the control box for the installer to wire to the burner.